• SynseIT

Vibration measurement system

Model : SynseIT
  • Acceleration sensor

  • Ethercat sensor interface module

What is SynseIT VMS?

VMS stands for Variable Monitoring Sensor. The VMS series product consists of an acceleration sensor, EtherCAT slave, and dedicated cable, and can easily trace vibration-generating motion through SynseIT EdgeLink, a vibration measurement and monitoring software.

Data analysis of vibration measurement results

SynseIT VMS (Variable Monitoring Sensor) provides data analysis functions such as FFT, LowPass/HighPass Filter, and Window for the saved vibration measurement results, and can determine the amount of displacement of the generated vibration through the displacement conversion function.

  • Vibration measurement result analysis window

  • Vibration displacement conversion result

Real-time vibration analysis/monitoring & continuous vibration recording

SynseIT VMS (Variable Monitoring Sensor) can detect abnormal vibrations by analyzing and monitoring real-time Peak, Rms, and Crest Factor during measurement. Additionally, vibration trends over a long period of time can be identified and used for predictive maintenance.

  • Identify vibration occurrence trends through vibration recording

Simultaneous analysis and analysis of motion and vibration possible

SynseIT VMS (Variable Monitoring Sensor) allows for the assessment of motion states at the moment of vibration occurrence, enabling the quantification of vibration magnitude based on the motion conditions. Therefore, users can easily identify motions or sequences that generate abnormal vibrations in the equipment.

  • Simultaneous measurement of generated vibration and vibration cause motion, (left) motion, (right) vibration

Simultaneously measure vibration in multiple positions

SynseIT VMS (Variable Monitoring Sensor) can simultaneously measure the camera, stage, floor, etc., using two sets of 3-axis directional sensors (expandable up to 8 sensors when connecting four interface modules). This allows for the simultaneous measurement and analysis of vibrations occurring at multiple locations.

General Specification
Sensing Axes
X, Y, Z 3-Axes
Sampling Rate
5kHz /Ch
Measuring Range
±2g, ±4g, ±8g
Max Channel
2 Ch (6-Axes)
Noise density
Operating Temp
-40 ~ + 85℃
Linked usage