CEO Greeting

CEO Greeting

  • CEO Greeting

We are focuses on laser application, image processing, optical signal measurement and analysis, precision machine signal analysis and control.

Photomechanic is a startup company founded in 2016, is developing technology for measuring and controlling signals for precision equipment in semiconductors, displays and LEDs. In addition, it is a young venture company that conducts technology development and service in the field of light source analysis and control module of next-generation car head lamp, vibration measurement and semi-vibration processing technology of defense industry and industrial machinery, and HMI engineering for Smart Factory.

From now on, Photomechanic will continue to develop original and innovative technologies through creative talent management to become competitive. We will strive to be the best solution partner to solve your problems and grow with you.

We will always be a true partner to accompany you.

Thank you.

CEO Joung-Su Kim