• AVS-100

Anti-vibration solution

Model : AVS-100
System Configuration Plan

- Signal Converter for Customizing Acceleration and Deceleration in Motion Signals Outputted by PLC
- When control is not required or a problem occurs, the PLC signal can be output as is by switching to bypass mode.

  • Signal Converter for PLC

- Before the application of this technology, a single signal was received, and the inverter outputted it as speed without the capability for speed acceleration and deceleration control.
- With the application of this technology, the signal can be divided into as many speed levels as supported by the inverter, allowing for acceleration and deceleration control.

Function implementation principle

- The number of speeds used for acceleration and deceleration control in AVS-100 is identical to the number of speeds supported by the inverter.
- In AVS-100, acceleration and deceleration control is achievable by independently configuring the time intervals between each speed signal and the speed value for each speed signal in the inverter.

Utilization Method

- Customization of the speed profile is possible through the modification of inverter settings speed or the time intervals of each signal.

- In lifts and logistics transport equipment, an optimized speed profile can be set according to the type of each transport object.
- After saving the speed profile settings for each transport object, the settings can be loaded during actual operation to create an optimized motion profile.