Semiconductor, Display, LED Business

  • Semiconductor, Display, LED Business

70 % of the production and inspection machines that are used for producing LED are consist of the system based on motor. Photomechanic specializes in signal measurement and analysis for motor based production and inspection machine. We developed and had the integrated solution based on software that can reduce the residual vibration of Semiconductor, Display and LED manufacturing Machine. In the field of micro LED due for applying in the next generation display field, also we developed the Pattern Generator that generate the pattern for inspecting through controlling each Micro LED's current by Passive Type. And we are produce and support the product for R&D with the Pattern Generator.

  • Anti-Vibration System

    Measurement & Control System

  • Anti-Vibration Extended License

    Anti-vibration Library License

  • u-LED Pattern Generator

    u-LED P/G for Inspection

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