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HMI Engineering Service

Model : iSAC HMI Software

Industrial 4.0 means change based on flexible and light manufacturing that can allow the various kinds mass production by grafting ICT to existing industry and improving work competitiveness. This is a situation that ICT and software for implementing Industry 4.0 are required to have a Smart Factory that is organically combined with the production site. iSAC means HMI Software that is connected to surveillance site in real time, control, ERP and Database for implementing Smart Factory. So, Photomechanic is progressing the Software Engineering Service for various Smart Factory that is applying iSAC.

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Script language as a way of C/C++
It can implement the various engineering functions by offering the individual script for each object (Dialogs, tag values, graphic pages, external file calls, alarms, SQL, recipe, reports, etc.)
Report Generation
Two ways(public or arrangement report) that can manage and generate the report depending on the situation.
Database Interlock
It can manage the data efficiently by interlocking the data base table and graphic.
“SQLite, Firebird, MariaDB(My SQL), MS SQL, Oracle” - Available.
Trends Check in Real Time
It can check the changes of the data value that update in real time.
High-Speed data distribute processing
It can be consist one main server and four client, and can distribute processing more efficiently.
Synchronization Function
It can immediately update the graphic that modified in main server without extra process.